What is Ublux Communications?

Configure Ublux Communications Phone System, talk and receive calls

Our flagship product is actually completely free and comes with any phone number or monthly plan purchase. We think that is truly revolutionary!

The phone system can be easily configured via our unique web interface, with nodes (own descriptions) being logically connected together to define the operation of your phone system. No special skills or training are required. You are literally 5 minutes away from running a sophisticated system to handle incoming calls from clients or friends.

A powerful, yet easy to use cloud based phone system and access to local and global numbers

The system allows you to free yourself from the limitations of traditional telephony and become seamless and globally connected.

There is no equipment to purchase, maintain or upgrade, and our unlimited inbound and outbound calling plans.

Why use Ublux Communications self-managed hosted PBX?

Make instant changes to your phone system easily, avoid servicing costs, take control of your phone. Use for personal or business calls.

Be local or go global. Own a local number, or go global with multiple local or national numbers to reach new markets or local audiences.

No contracts or minimum monthly spend.

No connection/disconnection fees. Easy signup, secure payment and instant activation. Ability to quickly add new numbers

Full access to self-managed features. Cloud-based, always-on system. Stop paying for tech support every time you need a small change in your answering system or voice messages.