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Ublux is the tool that allows businesses to fully personalize communication with customers.

Ublux Interactions

Much More Than Simple Calls

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Calls, SMS and Whatsapp in the same platform

  • Ublux My Numbers
  • Ublux Phones
  • Ublux Queues
  • Ublux Incoming CDR
  • Ublux Report Graphs
  • Ublux IVR Logic
  • Ublux Call Recording
  • Ublux Groups Music On Hold
  • Ublux Batch Creation
  • Ublux Blacklist

Ublux Account Admin Interface

Enterprise Grade Platform

Ease, safety and functionality

Ublux provides complete control over all communications, from the control panel you will have access to all the information, guaranteeing maximum security with encryption of calls under the TLS protocol (RSA key-length 2048 bits).

Ublux Security
Ublux Real Time Control

Real Time Control

  • Access the activity of the lines at any time and from anywhere.

  • If a phone fails, or does not respond to calls, we will notify you.

  • Listen or participate in any call, with the Call-Spy system.

Automate Your Business Processes

  • Create your list of contacts to call, Ublux marks for you.

  • Our IVR Interactive Voice Response system will guide your customers when they call.

  • Send automatic SMS text messages or WhatsApp to your clients.

Ublux Process Automation
Ublux Customization

Tailor-made Ublux Solution

  • Customize the messages on your switchboard based on your business hours.

  • Define the alerts you want to receive, when and how to receive them.

  • Block calls you don't want to receive.

  • Choose the calls you want to record.

Reports & Analytics

  • Access to real-time analytics to help you make the best decisions.

  • Define different KPIs to measure the performance of your team.

  • Receive all the information periodically in your email.

Ublux Reports And Analytics

The best technology at the service of your company

Ublux provides a powerful, easy-to-use and fully scalable communication tool to grow with you.

Start TODAY! Blazing Fast Setups

How is our deployment?

Up-to-date technology and infrastructure to enable a super simple installation process in days in minutes at your office.

Ublux Cloud Platform Deployment

Why Ublux Solutions

Discover the most convenient way to communicate with your customers

Easy to use

  • Our platform is simple to use with minimum learning curve.
  • Ready to use from day one, you can use our service the day you sign up.
  • You can easily migrate your old contact list from other platforms.

Packed with functionality

  • Maximum automation tools to receiving and issuing calls.
  • Internal chat, automatic emails, messaging... not just phone calls.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting system that will help you make better decisions.


  • Our software is flexible, and we make sure that it adapts perfectly to you.
  • Fully customized and easy to configure IVR, adjustable at all times.
  • We help you with the integration of Ublux and the tools you use in your business operations.

Wait That's Not All

Our team works every day on the development of new functionalities, because Ublux grows with you.

  • Flexible

    Cloud, On-Site or both deployments. Integration with traditional TDM infrastructure, pure IP or hybrid.

  • Scalable

    It works for both small and / or large organizations.

  • Adaptable

    We help you to get the most out of it, depending on your business.

  • Easy to configure

    Ublux simplifies common tasks through its web interface or the IP phone itself: Register new phones, extensions, create IVRs, acquire new phone numbers, and much more.

  • Portability

    You will not have to change your number, we will take care of the change.

  • Unified Communications

    Ublux integrates services in real time such as voice, video, voicemail, SMS, fax and chat.

  • Mobility

    Make or receive calls on your phone line organization IP PBX regardless of your geographic location.

  • Reliability

    Service level focused on uninterrupted and critical communication, 24x7 monitoring, 365 days a year.

  • Service guarantee

    Ublux staff will always provide the advice, support and attention that you require at all times.

  • Security

    Asterisk 16 based PBX. TLS Protocol (RSA key-length 2048 bits).

Powering Communications For Hundreds Of Users Around The World

  • Canal Park
  • Continental Assist
  • Namschul
  • Barrio Tinto
  • Vonn
  • Elion Partners
  • La Casa del Pastor
  • Lemon Law Group
  • Divieto Ristorante

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